Open Letter to our School Community

Dear CC Prep Family,

The events of this past month have shaken us to our core. Already vulnerable from living in quarantine, we were all trying to make sense of the “new realities”.   In late April, we learned about higher rates of sickness and death from COVID-19 in communities of color. Schools shut down and work arounds to educate students had to be created, placing tremendous burden on those who could no longer work or those left without the necessary tools to help their child achieve success with their online learning. Education in under resourced communities proved impossible, and students of color disproportionately lack internet access and necessary equipment.  Day after day, people barely making enough money to get by were suddenly labeled “essential” and could not stay home and quarantine.  Instead, they had to face significant risk of infection by facing the public.

Then over the past week we watched videos of the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and watched Amy Cooper weaponizing the police against Christian Cooper in New York City’s Central Park while he was bird watching. We also watched Ahmad Arbery executed on video while jogging in Georgia, an incident that took place in February of this year. These acts of violence against Black people in America have persisted for decades, only to be brought to light due to social media and cell phone video.

We live in a society built on systemic and institutionalized racism and today our CC Prep Community is coming together to say NO MORE.

Now, we must figure out how to move forward as a community and begin healing. CC Prep was built on the value of welcoming every adult individual in need of our services. We cherish the diversity of our school family. We know that many in our community are in terrible pain. Trauma that occurs in the context of relationship heals in the context of relationship. Now is the time to show up, to listen, to learn and to reach out and support those who are hurting most.

So what do we do next? Speak out against injustices that happen.  No person should be treated as less than human because of the color of their skin. Unfortunately, this is a reality of life for many Americans who every day, in some way are denied life, liberty, and the true pursuit of happiness.

We must not be patient with our protest. We must push for fair and open justice for our black and brown families and at the same time demonstrate to the world how to build a community of learners with respect and dignity. Let us demonstrate our protest for fair justice for our fallen brothers and sisters by establishing a chain link six feet apart from MLK to MCT, by walking forty miles, by obtaining a record number of certifications in the name of George Floyd.

Remember that charity begins at home.  Personally, reflect on what you can do to make America a better place for everyone. Speak up and shed light on bias and racists acts and comments, no matter now subtle or gray they may seem. If you choose to protest, do so peacefully so a message of hope and peace is not drowned out by violence and destruction.  

In closing, for whatever the range of emotions (from hurt and anger to frustration and exhaustion) that you might be experiencing, find time for self-care.  That self-care could be therapy or a massage, but understanding that the privilege of  being able to afford or access a professional may not be an option, please find time to dedicate to inward healing in the form of practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, rhythmic exercise, yoga, or tai chi.

We will Persist.  We are CC Prep Strong!

CC Prep Leadership Team