It's time for Open House! Are you ready?

So you've been thinking it's time for a new career path... however you don't have the funds to go back to school. Will you decide it's simply not in the cards for you? NOPE! Not on our watch. CC Prep is a TUITION FREE adult public charter school with pathways that lead students to certifications & their GED. We currently offer the following pathways:
  1. Healthcare (EMT)
  2. IT
  3. Construction
  4. Google Data Analytics
  5. College & Career Foundations (GED)
  6. Administrative Technology
Located in the historic Congress Heights area of Southeast, CC Prep is here to serve the community & our students in every way that we can. In addition to our amazing pathways, we recognize the importance of social emotional learning & prioritizing mental health within our culture. WellU was designed to support students mental & behavioral health needs. This includes but not limited to: 
  1. Access to our onsite food pantry (fruits, veggies, milk & more)
  2. Free clothing (for both men & women)
  3. Toiletry & hygiene items
Interested in seeing if CC Prep is a great fit for you? We'd love to see you at open house!!! Tap here for Details