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Board of Directors


Monica Ray, Board Chair

CEO- Congress Heights Community Development and Training Corporation 


Ms. Ray, a Ward 8 resident, has strong ties to the business community and a history of advocacy for adult learners. As Chief Executive Officer for one of the most productive and effective adult training programs in the Ward, she is well aware of the special challenges of under-credited adults. Her daily experiences with adult learners have been instrumental in establishing an educational plan for the Community College Preparatory Academy that supports our attracting, engaging, and retaining adult students and effectively addressing their needs.


Ashley Mitchell, Member



Ms. Ashley Mitchell is a licensed attorney and certified project manager with a master's certification in government contract management from Villanova University.  Ashley, a three-time graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, employs the breadth of her passion for diversity, inclusion, and access to opportunity through the management of grants that provide incentives to Naval labs to develop partnerships with HBCUs/MIs to perform Naval relevant research. She also manages grants with the objectives to provide Naval internship opportunities and to incentivize junior and senior high school-aged scholars to pursue STEM education at the collegiate level through the science fair and scholarship awards.


Clyde Edwards, Treasurer

Program Analyst, District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development


Mr. Edwards is a Ward 7 resident with strong ties to his community. Mr. Edwards has more than fifteen years of public sector experience in the areas of government relations, housing, and community development. He has a strong background in the area of coalition building around community-based technology.


T'yon L. Jones, Secretary

Administrative Unit Supervisor at the District Department of Transportation (DDOT)           


Mr. Tyon L. Jones is a Ward 8 resident with deep ties to his community. He is currently employed by the District’s Department of Transportation with a strong focus on constituent services. He is a Political Science Major with experience and interest in community outreach.


Keyonna Jones, Member 

Executive Director, Congress Heights Arts and Cultural Center


Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Keyonna graduated from St. John’s College High School in 2006 and started her collegiate career as a student of Psychology at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. Looking for a more challenging path, she transferred to Philip Merrill’s College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park. Keyonna received her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Education and is pursuing her Master’s in Science Management with a specialization in Public Relations. Keyonna is a two-time Edward Murrow award-winning producer for News Radio station WNEW, 99.1.

Returning to one of her original passions, in August 2015, Keyonna opened Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center located at 3200 MLK Ave. SE, with a mission to bring something new and necessary to Ward 8. She also serves on the board of Community College Preparatory Academy, the first adult charter school East of the River.


Calvin Nophlin, Member

Former CC Prep employee


Calvin Nophlin is a long-time Ward 7 resident and community leader. Mr. Nophlin was among the initial staff at Community College Prep after retiring from the federal government. After retiring for the second time, he joined the Board and continues to serve as a champion for the school in the community.