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Message From the CEO


I recently attended an international conference convened by Amazon for NGOs and Educators. During the NGO conference we were encouraged to refine and define “why we do what we do”. We were reminded that too often organizations focus on what they do and not why they do it. Community College Prep Academy seeks to provide a bridge to economic self- sufficiency for the residents of Wards 7 & 8 by offering education and training that prepares them for 21st century careers.

My home town has become a city of stark contrasts. The District of Columbia has more post-secondary graduates per capita than any other city its size in the nation and more than sixty thousand individuals without a high school diploma. As someone for whom education bridged the gap to the middle class, I am compelled to bring some others along with me. Moreover, people come to Washington DC to pursue their dreams from all over the world. We need to be preparing our residents equally as well for their "American Dream”.

Over the past five years CC Prep has grown to serve more than 700 residents annually and last year, along with our Agency and Non Profit partners, we provided the skills and certifications that put more than 350 IT and/ or Microsoft Office Suite certified adults to work. We are changing outcomes for young adults and families in not only Wards 7 & 8 but every Ward of the city except Ward 3.

Welcome to CC Prep where we show up and show out!