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Message From the CEO

Dr. Lody

The three words that stand out from the school’s mission and vision that best align with my values are: empower, prepare, and non-judgmental.  I felt drawn to this position and in particular Community College Preparatory Academy because first and foremost we are called as educators to empower others.  Helping others see skills and strengths within themselves develops a level of confidence and independence they will need to engage in the learning process.  This power developed within our students also serves as a source of drive and determination when challenges come their way, helping them tackle any barriers to success that might arise however difficult they may be.  It’s not just about academic growth, it is also about developing a resilience that is essential to a student’s survival.  As lifelong learners we are called to prepare others to be successful and positive contributors to society, the communities in which they live, as well as within the global context.  Preparation is far greater than acquiring knowledge.  It is truly the process of making someone ready to be the best they can be, personally and professionally, in any situation they may find themselves.  Finally, all of our work must be done without judgement for what a student of any age brings with them when they are part of our school community.  There is enough judgment in this world and our school environment should be free from any barrier that may diminish a student’s potential for actively engaging in their learning process.

Community College Preparatory Academy was started in 2013 to address the challenge of supporting adult learners with the necessary skills to become college and career ready.  We do this in a way no other institution in our City does it: by tailoring a learning plan for each student so there is a pipeline to success for each student from their first day with us.  We help each student see the potential they have within and help develop their capacity to be lifelong learners.

I invite you to embrace our mission and help us meet our goal of bridging the gap between our students and post-secondary education and training.