General Information

Students enrolled in our GED classes enjoy a relaxed setting and specialized instruction tailored for each individual. Instruction features a blended learning model that incorporates both technology and direct instruction in student learning. Following this model, you will be assigned to both a lab coach and a Humanities and STEM facilitator. Your workshop instructor will use your GED prescription to provide specialized, tiered instruction on the core concepts necessary to complete the GED tests while your lab coach will work on test prep, familiarity with technology, and sharpening the skills introduced in workshop. 


Top Reasons to get your GED NOW! 


Students who learn more, earn more!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a person with a high school diploma will earn $9,634 more per year than a high school dropout. And chances are, you'll get a better job!

You're less likely to be unemployed

Statistics have shown those who complete high school are less likely to be unemployed than those who have dropped out.


You'll contribute more to your community

You'll be able to engage with and contribute more to your community; contributions that could benefit schools and public programs that help promote and develop safe communities.

You're setting a positive example!

The work you put into earning your diploma will speak volumes about you! And by increasing your education, you'll open your mind to discover new opportunities!  

What's the expectation for students?


Attendance Expectations

Students are expected to attend class on all meeting days

Students are expected to be on time


Student Attendance Responsibility 

Notify Student Success Specialist and Instructors of your absence 


Educational Assumptions

To enter the GED program, students must complete the following:

  • Attend CCPrep Awareness Session
  • Complete both sections of the TABE Assessment
  • Complete CCPrep Orientation Process

Course Materials

Required Materials

Notebook or composition book