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General Information

This is a pathway designed to prepare and equip students with the skills needed to successfully prepare for the GED and College entry exams. The Pre-GED courses provide foundational skills in both literacy and numeracy, and both in-class and virtual practice with writing skills, with a deliberate emphasis on grammar skills and critical reading and thinking multiplication. 


Courses include career services, soft skill development, customer service training, financial literacy, and wellness integration. 

Why should YOU attend college?

College graduates earn more on average!

Much like GED recipients, the average worker with a Bachelor's Degree may earn approximately $1 million more over a lifetime than a worker without post-secondary education, according to the U.S. Department of Education. College degree holders are also less likely to be unemployed!

You COULD live a longer life!

Just one additional year of college education can decrease your mortality rate by 15-19% - in fact, high school graduates have a mortality rate that is DOUBLE those with some college experience or a full college degree!

College degree holders are more likely to be homeowners

A 2016 report from a real estate company showed 75% of all home buyers were college educated in that year, compared to just 11% who had only a high school diploma, and 14% who attended some college, but did not earn a degree.

You can improve the lives of those around you

Approximately 40% of working-age adults with a Bachelor's degree volunteered in their community within the past year, compared to just 17% of high school graduates without any college education. So if you don't take on our College Readiness Program for yourself - do it to improve your community! 

What could you study?

The possibilities are literally ENDLESS!  The only limit to what you could study at the college level is what YOU choose!


What's the expectation for students?


Attendance Expectations 

Students are expected to attend class on all meeting days

Students are expected to be on time


Student Attendance Responsibility 

Notify Student Success Specialist and Instructors of your absence 


Educational Assumptions

To enter the College Readiness Program, students must complete the following:

- Attend CCPrep Awareness Session 

- Complete CC Prep orientation process 

- Complete the TABE pre-test