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Academic Enhancement


Instructor Information

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Sylvia Long

Both CC Prep Campuses


Monday-Friday 9:00 am-4:30 pm

   General Information

Students enroll in academic enhancement if their goal is to enroll in community college. The enhancement program targets instruction in math and reading allowing students to enter community college as a freshman with as many as 3 credits already earned. Apart from those students, all other students receive some form of academic enhancement during their work week to improve their overall math and reading capabilities to fully prepare them for the workforce. 


Student Attendance Responsibility 

Notify SSS and instructors of your absence 


Attendance Expectations

Students must sign in on attendance sheets


Educational Assumptions

To enter the GED pipeline students have to complete the following:

Attend CC Prep Awareness Session

TABE Pre-Test

Complete CC Prep Orientation Process

Course Materials

Required Materials

Notebook or composition book 



Required Text (Or Materials)