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TABE Assessment

You hear the phrases "TABE testing" and "TABE scores" a lot here at CCPrep! But what exactly do these phrases mean?


Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE)


TABE testing is used to measure the basic academic skills we use in our program pathways and curriculum, and to give insight on student performance for high school equivalency tests. Repeat testing is used to help us measure the progress and persistence of our students - the score they start with is rarely the score they leave gets better! As students utilize CCPrep's academic enhancement and intervention services, our students' TABE test scores usually improve significantly over the course of their time with us!


TABE testing helps us understand where our students are when they first come to us, so we can place them at the proper academic level, diagnose their individual strengths and needs, and start working with students directly to form a plan that best suits their needs and schedule to ensure their success at CCPrep.


All CCPrep students are required to take both the Pre- and Post-TABE Tests.

What can students expect?

- Individual performance scores will be reviewed with each student
- An initial "Prescription/Support Plan" will be developed, reviewed within the first month of class, and monitored for each student

- Students will have intervention support built into their class schedule to ensure progress

- Post-TABE testing is built into the class schedule, all students are required to participate

- Students who do not show initial gains on their first post-TABE test will be required to test again after progress is demonstrated on intervention assessments