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Adult SmarTrip Benefit



Thanks to the major fiscal commitment from the Mayor and the DC Council, our students are receiving assistance with transportation to and from school. CC Prep provides its students with a smart trip card containing $50 in subsidized transportation assistance. To receive SmarTrip Card assistance the student has only to connect through their Student Support Specialist. 




  • Smart Benefits cards are registered in CC Prep account. If you are 18-21 please provide your DC One Card
  • The SmartBenefits Cards are for transportation to and from school
  • Subsidy means student will continue to contribute to their transportation
  • The smart trip card contains 2 accounts. The personal account contains ($5) and smart benefits ($50)
  • Swipe card for a minimum of 3 days before reporting issue(s) to staff, can require 3 days to roll over to $50
  • Do not load personal funds on Smart Benefits card. Do not register your replacement Smart Benefits card
  • 70% attendance is required for the SmartBenefits Card to remain active
  • If you are below 70% attendance your card will be suspended until your attendance reaches 70%
  • Please immediately notify staff if your SmartBenefits Card is lost
  • Student must replace lost SmartBenefits Card and submit the new card to their Student Success Specialist to register
  • If the SmartBenefits Card is registered after 21st of any month the benefits will skip a month