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Travis Wiggins

Travis Wiggins initially got connected to CC Prep as a returning citizen through the Project Empowerment program. In less than a year after returning home, he has managed to accomplish much in his personal and professional life. Mr. Wiggins gained part-time employment giving back to his community through work in a before and aftercare program. He has also secured almost all four of his Microsoft certifications. Once he has completed the entire suite, he noted that he plans to transfer to IT.   


Mr. Wiggins saw that the digital world revolved around making things easier and more convenient for consumers and had a great idea about how he can provide that same level of convenience. In 2015, he began working on the framework for an App. He chose IT because of his desire to be able to do his own app coding. In addition to Microsoft, he also works with Coding instructors to learn the basics.  


His ultimate goal is to own a logistics company and encourages fellow students to apply the knowledge they gain and things will begin to happen! 




The Banks Family


Dale, Eleash and Kiersten Banks embody what keeping it in the family truly means. 


The Banks Family started their journey at CC Prep by enrolling in the CompTIA program. Mr. Dale Banks completed his CompTIA A+ Certification within two months and is now employed as an Information and Technology Technician. Mrs. Eleash Banks enrolled in the same CompTIA A+ Course as her husband Dale and took on the role of class leader.  She implemented and coordinated the classroom online chat room for the purpose of keeping the communication and support channel open between CC Prep Leadership and students.  This allowed the students to reach out to one another for classroom support on materials and instructions missed in class.  It also allowed students to communicate with CC Prep Leadership on numerous occasions for emergencies and weather related closures.  Ms. Kiersten Banks is an eighteen-year-old student who attended the CompTIA A+ class under the H.O.P.E Project located at the Community College Preparatory Academy MCT Site.  In the third week of class Kiersten distinguished herself as part of the top 10%. 


The entire family completed the CompTIA certification and are now employed.