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Charless Patterson

Mr. Charles Patterson came to CC Prep because he realized that he needed to upgrade his skills in technology. He had previously attended classes at Byte Back- to learn the basics- and he came to CC Prep to begin the journey toward advanced certification in IT. So far he is whizzing his way through the Microsoft Office Suite certifications and he is learning about the many options that MOS certifications offer in terms of employment. He is enthusiastic about his learning experience at CC Prep and particularly the staff. He was recently asked to respond to a brief discussion on Stacey Abrams and his email response read as follows: “Her message to me says: No matter life's obstacles and difficulties continue working for a better future. “ This is how Mr. Patterson believes that Ms. Abrams experience relates to resilience. Mr. Patterson is practicing resilience every day with consistent attendance and growth in his content, Congratulations Mr. Patterson


Dorothy Baldwin

Ms. Baldwin came to CC Prep in May last year after learning about us from a fellow church member. Her aim was to brush up on her familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite in order to seek part- time employment. Ms. Baldwin says that CC Prep is an excellent fit for her because the instruction is self-paced and both the staff and students are helpful and pleasant to be around. Since starting she has certified in WORD and Discovery, the precursor course for our Coding class- LAUNCH CODE. She has also maintained excellent attendance and won two attendance awards.


Her current goal is to complete Microsoft Office Suite Certification and enter either ACCESS or Coding. She is hardworking and a model of persistence. Congratulations, Ms. Balwin.



Jesse Redmond

When Mr. Redmond started in June of 2018 when he was transitioning home as a returning citizen and just beginning to put the various pieces of his new life in his hometown together. He quickly realized that if he was going to be employable, he needed to improve his core skills in Reading, Writing, and Math and he needed to develop basic skills in technology. More importantly, Mr. Redmond wanted to join a community of concern that would support his efforts and encourage him.


Since starting his program of study he has shown progress in Reading and Math and significant progress in the use of technology. More importantly, he has become a significant “culture carrier” for CC Prep. Mr. Redmond volunteers and supports special events for students as well as community outreach and he even finds time in his busy days to tutor and support other students. Because of his determination and his steady, consistent progress, we want to recognize Mr. Redmond as a “Student of the Month” for March.





Kiara Johnson

Ms. Kiara Johnson started her journey at CC Prep in July, 2017. She came to improve her       marketability by obtaining Microsoft Office Suite Certifications. As a full time student at the UDC Community College her focus is Computer Science. However she also realizes that certification plays a role in her ability to enter her field.

By participating in Microsoft Certification classes, she has improved her patience. She wants you to know that the learning environment is extremely supportive. Both students and instructors share advice and are very understanding.

Ms. Johnson is completing her last certification and she expects to drop back in for A+. Congratulations Ms. Kiara Johnson, our February Student of the Month.







John Mensah

John Mensah, started at CC Prep in August of 2018. Mr. Mensah came from Project Empowerment because he wanted to become certified in his field -Information Technology. He began by working toward full certification in Microsoft Office Suite. He has completed IT Fundamentals certification and he is concurrently preparing to successfully complete CompTIA Help Desk Certification by the end of March. He wanted to acknowledge the helpfulness of Ms. Jeffries, Harris and Lloyd for their special support and the staff and students for making this a great experience.

He has met and addressed every barrier to his success and he is looking forward to entering an Internship here at CC Prep to support his transition to full time employment. When asked what has been the most powerful lesson learned, he smiled and said, “I have learned to never give up and to maintain dedication to your goals.”