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Internship Program



Welcome to the Community College Preparatory Academy Internship Program!


An internship is a well-defined short-term work/learning experience to help students prepare for a career outside of their school environment. With intentional learning and performance goals, supervision, and evaluation, interns apply their skills to “real world” experiences, enhancing their education and adding value to the employer.


Internships are offered to fulfill a variety of needs for an institution. Some employers have specific projects that an intern will assist with; while others will assist staff in fulfilling routine duties. Employers reap many benefits from hiring interns, including: meeting project needs, meeting changes in institutional restructuring needs, bringing new, innovative ideas to the workplace and avoiding long-term budget commitments, etc.


At Community College Preparatory Academy, we are committed to enhancing students’ professional and educational experiences. Through Internships students may establish or build on their career development. As an intern you will be deeply immersed in your assigned duties and presented opportunities to demonstrate growth in areas of professionalism, soft skills, computer competence, organization, generating reports and accountability.


Once an intern expresses interest in the program and have fulfilled the preliminary requirements, he or she is matched with an employee or department based on the availability.  After a mandatory, introductory orientation, interns will transition to their designated departments where they will receive additional briefing and begin their duties. 


Intern Selection Requirements 

  • Must be currently enrolled full time at CC-Prep.
  • Must currently have a minimum 75% attendance.
  • Must maintain a minimum 75% attendance.
  • Shall have signed and agreed to position description and performance evaluation.
  • Shall sign to acknowledge receipt of Intern Handbook.
  • Must commit to a minimum four (4) months internship with option of renewal.
  • Must demonstrate casual professional to professional dress.
  • Must have followed through with school commitments (SSS, Case Manager, and Instructional, other).
  • Intern must provide 2-3 references. One CC-Prep staff, one character and one professional (Professional reference – may switch out with character reference)


Application Process

  1. Email the point of contact for each position to obtain the position description and application. 
  2. Intern must read the position description before applying to the post. 
  3. Fill out the electronic application.
  4. Email application and a PDF copy of your references to the point of contact for the positon in which you would like to apply.
  5. Prospective interns may apply for more than one position but will only be accepted to one.
  6. The prospective intern will be contacted for next steps. 

Available Openings 


Operations Intern



English Department Intern



Math Department Intern



Intern Assistant to Coordinator of Strategy and Innovation


Recruitment and Retention Intern