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Instructor Information

Instructor  Office Location and Hours
Liam Ball
CC Prep MCT Site
3301 Wheeler Rd SE
Washington, DC 
5:00 pm-8:45pm


General Information



LaunchCode’s Discovery program is a self-paced online course designed to introduce you to computer programming, and help you develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech industry. Students will get their first look at what computer programming is, and build the kind of learning and problem-solving skills needed to be successful at pursuing further programming education.  



LaunchCode's LC101 course trains individuals with no previous coding experience in the technical skills needed to begin an entry-level programming job. The class is hosted over 20 weeks in a supportive classroom environment with in-person mentoring from instructors and teaching assistants. LC101 course curriculum covers the core concepts of code, web development, and job-oriented skill tracks in C#, Python, and Java. 

Successful graduates will have the opportunity to join our 8-week job-readiness training and enter our paid apprenticeship job placement program aimed at securing a job in technology. 


Student Attendance Responsibility 

  • Notify SSS and instructors of your absence

Attendance Expectations

  • Students are expected to attend class on all meeting days 
  • Students are expected to be on time 


Educational Assumptions

To enter the Coding pipeline students have to complete the following:

  • Obtain an IT Fundamentals/ Microsoft certification
  • Complete both sections of the TABE Assessment
  • Complete special CC Prep Orientation Process

Course Materials

Required Materials

Notebook or composition book 


*For all of the course's features to work, internet access is required. Be aware that this course's features (especially the coding practices) work best on a desktop or laptop, and may not work on some mobile devices. If instead of using a laptop or desktop computer you are working through this course on your phone or another small device, we recommend that you download the Stepik app from the Google Play store or from the Apple App Store.

Required Text (Or Materials)