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Alumni Spotlight


Desiree Abrams
Desiree is a graduate of the Microsoft and IT Fundamentals programs. She currently works at the USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture. 

How did what you learned at CC Prep help you in your current position?
The Word and Excel skills were really helpful when dealing with advanced data analysis. I was able to do certain things that others higher than me couldn't. 
What does your work with the USDA currently entail?
I assist program leaders with research in the field of science and animal behavior. I also serve as an analyst for programs of national importance. Scientists apply for grants and my job is to pull together groups to review grant proposals, check for conflicts of interest and track pre and post grant awards.  
How did you get connected to CC Prep?
I did an internet search for Microsoft programs in the DVMV that didnt cost $2,000 when I came across CC Prep. I attended an info session for the IT classes and Ray Bell really sealed the deal for me. 
What advice would you give to CC Prep students now getting started in their job search and not quite sure where they want to be?
Explore as much of an area that you think you would be interested in and go from there. Don't limit yourself, you will be amazed as to what is out there for you.  
Do you have any memorable moments 
I really enjoyed the IT info sessions. Mr. Bell gave good energy and a snap shot of opportunities that are available to people in the IT field.