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School Transparency

As a DC public charter school, Community College Preparatory Academy is accountable to residents of the District of Columbia through the DC Public Charter School Board’s oversight of our charter school operations.  The Public Charter School Board’s performance management framework (PMF) holds our school accountable to providing excellence in education for our students.


Following the DC Public Charter School Board’s transparency standards, below are links to key documents about the operations of Community College Preparatory Academy.  These are in addition to the documents posted on the Public Charter School Board’s Transparency Hub, click the dropdown categories below to explore our documents.


2021-2022 School Term Dates


July 12 - August 6: Summer Session I

August 9 - August 31: Summer Session II

September 13 - January 31: Fall Semester

February 1 - June 17: Spring Semester

Key Points of Contact Information


  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison- Denise Parker
  • Special Education Point of Contact-Denise Parker