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Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

General Information



The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate cohort prepares students to earn a Data Analytics Certification, which is intended for IT professionals seeking a role as a Data Analyst. Data Analysts find, collect, organize, transform, analyze, and visualize data in a professional setting. This course will begin with an introduction to statistics, logic, and spreadsheet functions, and will include a six-month online training provided by Coursera that will be facilitated live by CC Prep instructors, who will support each student through their training plan. This course also highlights crucial data analytics skills: presentations and public speaking; math reasoning; project management; and written and verbal communication. After completion, CC Prep will support participants in gaining employment or advancement in the IT field.



What is a data analyst?


A data analyst is someone who collects, transforms, and organizes factual information in order to help make the right decisions.  They work at every level and across all units of an organization in every industry sector. Demand for data analysts far outpaces the current supply of qualified people, so skilled data analysts are never short of employment opportunities!


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