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Career Services

A modernized approach to career development and career elevation. We prioritize student barriers to provide workforce solutions for economic growth and educational retention. Services such as Soft Skills Training, Workshops, and Career Counseling are adapted to address anyone and any circumstance. Leading the various services are Employment Specialist; tasked with the responsibility to research current and future workforce trends; to inform and update training for CC PREP Students. Each student receives support throughout the school year to meet their immediate and or long-term career goals. Accountability, Consistency, and Professionalism are what you’ll receive. Accountable, Consistent and Professional is who you will become.


Our Mission

In order for the urgency of employment to be recognized, our aim is to build adequate career development tools that align students with the right employment, empower students toward self-sufficiency, influence self-discovery, and develop adaptable soft skills.



To bridge the characteristics of a student with adaptable skills that adjust to evolving workforce trends.



Our services stand to uphold Accountability, Teamwork, and Integrity.



To support students in accomplishing a clear sense of direction, and making informed and thorough decisions for their career objectives.

"Students have needs like us. When you identify their urgency for employment you find creative ways to combat individual barriers like economic sustainability, through career readiness"