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College and Career Readiness

Individualized instruction from our highly-qualified instructors ensures a student’s successful completion of the Accuplacer exam, which evaluates a student's preparedness for college-level courses. 

Former students who have completed the college readiness program have enrolled in the University of the District of Columbia and American University fully equipped to take on college-level work​

College and Career Readiness

“CC Prep has been integral in my journey;
I wouldn't have made it this far without their support. If you follow their guidance, you will have a world of opportunities
open up for you.”
~Ms. Corchado

Ms. Vega enrolls in dual program.

“To reach Your Peak You Must Climb Up the Mountain! ”
~Ms. Daniels-Vega

Enrollment Pre-requisites

  1. Attend a College and Career Readiness Information Session

  2. Schedule and Complete the T.A.B.E. Assessment

  3. Complete a DC Residency Verification Form

  4. Provide proof of residency.

  5. Complete an application

  6. Complete Assessment score review with CCPrep staff.

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