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A Message from the CEO

Dr. Wallace R. Henry, III Ed.D.

What is possible when we all work together for the benefit of our adult learners to accomplish their goals?  Not just in the classroom but, in the Board Room, the Assessment Lab, and the community at large. What happens when we partner across all those key components of the community to invest in talent and expand opportunities for individuals in Wards 7 & 8 and the city?  In a word, transformation.


In concert with our mission, CC Prep is committed to creating a responsive and viable option for our residents to complete lifelong learning goals and launch or advance in their career choices.  Our team of committed individuals walks with our students and facilitates dynamic instruction while making it possible for them to overcome barriers to success.


Transformation is an intentional process and is necessary for our rapidly changing city and global market.  Individuals must be prepared and have the opportunity to learn the skills that lead to earning a living wage and thriving in their purpose.  CC Prep makes this commitment of support daily as we live out our mission to you and the community at large by providing this opportunity. 


Thanks to the efforts of our Board, we are excited to be breaking ground this year on a recent facility in just a few months. We are proud of the expansion of our IT program and our new partnership with Google. Starting August 15th, we will now offer the Google Data Analytics Professional Certification. This along with our other government and business partnerships allow us to prepare our students to meet their goals for job placement and various internship opportunities.


When we prioritize quality opportunities for our deserving residents and unite behind them, elevation and transformation become a tangible reality.  

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Dr. Wallace R. Henry, III Ed.D.

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