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Three (3) Reasons to Attend CCPrep's Board Meetings

Students & community members are encouraged to participate.

Reason #1 - Solutions

We know that we won't always have the answers. However, we know where to find the answers... IN OUR COMMUNITY!Registering to attend our board meetings allow us the opportunity to hear what our community needs & how can work together to meet those needs.

Additionally, attending our board meetings gives us the chance to share what our future plans & steps are.

Reason #2 - Equity

CC Prep is dedicated to serving Ward 7 & Ward 8

residents . By registering to attend our board meeting, you provide fair & impartial insight that we need to be the best organization possible. You have stake in CC

Prep. We'd love to promote self advocacy!

Reason #3 - Transparency

All community members, students & stakeholders ar welcomed. Board meetings hold us accountable to our community. These meetings allow transparent & honest communication to shape how we operate as non-profit adult public charter school.

“The things that make us different, those are our super powers.” ~Lena Waithe

We look forward to seeing you!

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