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Chief Executive Officer, 
Dr. Wallace R. Henry, III Ed.D.

Chief of Staff, Mr. Thomas Gore

Chief Advocacy Officer, Ms. Monica T. Ray

Board Liaison, Ms. Ashley Mitchell

Office of the CEO

Chanita Scott, Executive Assistant to the CEO


Teresa Etienne-Jefferson, Communications & Marketing Mgr. 

Rachael PremDas, Data Analytst

Danielle Mitchell, Business Manager

Albert Kalay, Help Desk Administrative Assistant

Academics &

Avril Crooks, Director of Curriculum Instruction

Dr. Jeffrey Manual, Instructional Coach

Liam Ball, Assessment Coordinator

Olutayo Ayodeji, Intervention Coordinator

Lewis Bradley, Learning Facilitator

Nicole Carter, Learning Facilitator

Teresa Etienne-Jefferson, Learning Facilitator

Alicia Harris, Learning Facilitator

Richard Henry, Learning Facilitator

Sedric Johnson, Learning Facilitator

Geraldine Martin, Learning Facilitator

La Rita Monagan, Learning Facilitator

Denetra Wallace, Learning Facilitator

Edward Miles, Interventionist

Shawn Pelote, Interventionist

Cherry Turner, Interventionist

Student Enrollment Management

Marquita Vaughn, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

Karen Todd, Recruitment and Retention Specialist

Denise Parker, Registrar

Lakeyla Whitaker, Student Support Coordinator

Beverly Biddle, Student Success Specialist

Wayne Carter, Student Success Specialist

Cecile Diomi, Student Success Specialist

Jaleesa Johnson, Student Success Specialist

Norman Nixon, Student Success Specialist

Jordan Reaves, Student Success Specialist

Shannon Webster, Well U Manager

Daron Newburn, Social Service Outreach Coordinator

Lonnie Goode, Social Services Outreach Specialist

Christian Noble, Employment Specialist

Latasha Owens, Employment Specialist


Lakeesha Bey-Wilson, Receptionist

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