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Our Mission

The Mission of Community College Preparatory Academy is to provide an innovative and rigorous education environment for under-credited adults who have aged out of the traditional K-12 public education system, and is supportive of their unique learning needs and successful in preparing them for 21st-century employment, higher education and lifelong learning.

Our Vision

Our school is a place that is welcoming, supportive, nurturing, and non-judgmental. It evidences the belief that it is never too late for adults to transform their lives through education. Community College Prep is a place where students are actively involved in preparing for post-secondary education and workforce training. The adult student is exposed to behavior modeling that can facilitate the behavior modification necessary for underachieving adults to transform their lives.

Why Enroll?

As a student of CC Prep Academy, if you are willing to put in the hard work, we ensure that you can accomplish the following


  • Enhance your skills in Reading, Language Arts and Mathematics through a combination of basic computer literacy, direct instruction workshops and prescription mapping.
  • Successfully prepare for the new computer based High School Equivalency Examination (GED).
  • Successfully prepare for the Community College entrance exam (ACUPLACER) and dual enrollment in the University of the District of Columbia Community College.
  • Complete a range of national certifications including Microsoft Office Suite and COMPTIA Help-Desk, that lead to readiness for living wage employment.

Our Programs


The new GED is computer-based and is designed to align with the nation’s common core standards. In other words, it is complex and requires critical thinking and reasoning skills. CC Prep has developed GED Prep classes that have a better than 85 % pass rate in all four test components (Reading/ Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.) Our unique combination of online instruction and direct content area work shopping has proven to provide consistently high rates of passing.

Academic Enhancement

Academic Enhancement is ideal for students who are considering going back to college after being out of school for a while or if their education experience was not what they wanted it to be. The program allows students to brush up on their skills in Reading, Math or Computer Literacy.  It combines online and real-time instruction in a blended learning model.  Academic Enhancement is designed to support students in becoming independent online learners by providing the necessary skills and knowledge that enables you to become increasingly more independent and comfortable with the internet as a learning tool. 

College Readiness

CC Prep’s college readiness program allows students to save time and money. Specialized instruction by our highly-qualified instructor ensure a student’s successful completion of the Accuplacer Prep exam. Former students who have completed the college readiness program have enrolled in and completed the University of the District of Columbia and American University  

Career and Technical

CC Prep has purposely focused on the three entry-level career areas in our region that provide a living wage and that can be entered into with a high school diploma and post-secondary certification namely: administrative support via Microsoft Office Suite Certifications; Information Technology (IT) via CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+; and Medical Technology (which is still in development). CC Prep also provides training in HVAC CFC and Bench work because it is also a field that supports a living wage.

Facts & Numbers 18-19

  • 52-48% Male-Female Ratio
  • 302 Microsoft OfficeCertifications
  • 41 Comp TIAA+ Certifications
  • 165 HVAC Certifications
  • 16 GED Completers
  • 91 Students gainingEmployment/Paid Internships